Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Word From The Poet

The sun cracked open the cloud long enough just to pour light on the ragged page of another chapter 

In essence, nothing changes from one day to the next except my sense of who I am, where I stand, what lies ahead and how I might get there. 

There came a time whereupon walking this winding road of my own making, I developed the unenviable knack of making a simple thing complicated. 

When did that begin?

The world outside my window might stand accused of muddying the waters but blaming that old boat for anything seems a poor excuse for self pity.

Better to ask “When might I reverse it?”

The shadows look hungry but the bird's song lifts me above. The magic of music. The horizon beyond. 

What lies around the next corner is as beautiful as it is dangerous but let’s go… 

Because time takes care of everything. Time is non negotiable. Time is undefeated and adversity breeds character. 

Trust my instinct and step forward. 

Look for the good in all people. 

Family remains the greatest currency. 

Hope. Risk. Love. Joy. 

The time is now